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(NC)?Inspired by an event launched last year by Amnesty International Poland, this year on December 10th, human rights supporters in Canada will take part in the Write-A-Thon for Rights.

December 10th is International Human Rights Day ? the 55th anniversary of the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Last year, people from all over the world were encouraged by Amnesty Poland to write letters on behalf of those whose human rights are violated. The letters were directed to either government authorities or directly to those being abused.

Human rights supporters from 21 different countries around the world responded, generating more than 6,000 letters during a 24-hour period. Canadians of all ages and backgrounds wrote over 400 of those messages last year.

Last year was just a warm-up. This year, Amnesty International is encouraging Canadians from far and wide, from Resolute to Victoria to Goose Bay, to write and fax as many letters and actions as possible. Send letters, postcards or faxes on December 10th to call for the protection of human rights of those at risk of abuse throughout the world. This year's goal is to surpass 1,000 letters and actions from across Canada.

How do you do it? The possibilities are endless.

? Get your family, friends, co-workers, classmates or faith community involved and write letters together on December 10th.

? If you belong to an Amnesty International community group, include a letter-writing opportunity during your existing Human Rights Day events or plan a public event that focuses on letter-writing. If you'd like to contact the local group in your area, you can contact Amnesty International for more information.

? Think creatively ? light a candle for every ten letters signed or blow up a balloon each time and fill up the room!

? At the end of the day, you can tally the number of letters you generated and contact Amnesty International with your total by fax, phone or email. These numbers will then be forwarded to Poland for a worldwide tally.

If you haven't written a letter before, you can contact Amnesty International at 1-800-AMNESTY (266-3789) to receive actions to work on and get tips for writing letters. You can also visit our website at writeathon.

To learn more about the Write-a-Thon or other ways to support human rights, please contact Amnesty International at 1-800-AMNESTY (266-3789) or members@amnesty.

ca. Or you can write to Amnesty International, 312 Laurier Ave East, Suite 200, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 1H9.

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