Turning Problems Into Profits And Solutions Into Sales


By Noel Peebles

People don't buy products or services - they buy solutions to problems.
They buy what those products or services will do for them.

People don't want you to sell them something. They want you to solve a

That's why I say - don't sell products, solve problems!

"Solve what?" you may ask.

For instance, solve their problem of:

- Not having enough money
- Looking old
- Being overweight
- Having dry skin
- Not being loved
- Or solve their fear of being burgled or mugged

When you think about it, solving these types of problems could mean
big profits for you. Once you've identified a problem, the trick then
is to find ways to the solve problem easily, painlessly, quickly and cheaply.

And think about this too.

People will exchange their hard-earned cash
when and where they feel good. When they buy solutions to their problems,
what they're buying is the expectation of feeling good. It's because, they
know they've made the right decision.

That's all very well, but how does that relate to a product or service you
may already be marketing?

Simple! The secret is to turn product (or service) features into
problem-solving benefits. That's a sure way to increase your sales.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

People don't buy airline tickets.

they're buying the quickest way
to get from LA to Denver.

People don't buy perfume. They're buying love and affection.

They don't buy ice cream. They're buying cool, tasty, indulgence.

They don't buy books.

They're buying information, guidance, help
and entertainment.

And people don't buy a business opportunity. They're buying an end
to their financial worries.

They don't buy a lottery ticket. They're buying hope.

Parents don't buy toys. They're buying peace and quiet.

As I said at the start: people don't buy products or services - they buy
solutions to problems. They buy what those products or services will do
for them.

They don't buy a drill. They're buying holes.

Because that's what a
drill will do for them.

They don't buy insurance. They're buying peace of mind.

So, what does all this mean?

It means, listening to your customer to discover their basic problem.

It means learning why your customer needs, or wants, your product or service.
Get to know their fears, frustrations and desires!

By doing this, you'll be on your way to becoming a "problem solver", and
your customers will see you as that? rather than just a pushy sales person.
You see, people hate to be sold.but they love to buy.

So stop selling! Instead, think to yourself "what does this person really want,
and how can I solve their problem?"

It's really very simple. If you can solve a problem for your customer, you'll
make the sale. And, by doing that, you'll be solving your problems too!

Noel Peebles. Market Leaders Limited.

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By: Noel Peebles

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