When do I need a Washington bankrupcy law firm

The short answer: Anytime you're in financial trouble and bankrupcy is a possibility. It's possible to do your own Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as a liquidation bankruptcy. But you need a Washington bankrupcy law firm for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy because of its complexity. What's more, the new bankruptcy law introduced so many technicalities into Chapter 7 that today it's nearly impossible for anyone without in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy law to follow all the legal requirements and bring the bankruptcy to a successful conclusion.

Here are other situations when you need a Washington bankrupcy law firm: You don't know whether to file for bankruptcy or whether Chapter 7 or 13 is right for you. Not every financially stressed debtor should opt for bankruptcy. A Washington bankrupcy law firm can advise you on this key issue.

If bankruptcy is your best option, a Washington bankrupcy law firm can determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 will work better for you. You have a great deal of debt, assets or complicated legal issues. You'll need a Washington bankrupcy law firm to analyze all the laws, rules, regulations, options and rights affecting you. You could have a default judgment entered against you.

A default judgment that you owe a creditor a specific amount will occur when you don't properly respond to a summons and complaint. To prevent a default judgment, a Washington bankrupcy law firm will prepare and file an answer by the required date. You have debt secured, say, a car or a home. If you're unable to make your home mortgage payments and are facing possible foreclosure, consult a Washington bankrupcy law firm immediately. You don't want to lose your home. You're being harassed by creditors.

Once collection agencies or lawyers for creditors know you're represented by a Washington bankrupcy law firm, they must stop harassing you. One more reason to hire a Washington bankrupcy law firm: though you'll pay legal fees ? the amount will depend on your particular circumstances ? almost always a Washington bankrupcy law firm will save you more than you spend in legal fees.

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