Specialization In The Legal Profession

Trained in law and able to give legal advice, lawyers are also referred to by other names; American legal representatives are often referred to as advocates or attorneys. The term advocate is used when a lawyer acts on behalf of the person he is representing in a courtroom; for many, this is not something they wish to pursue, passing over cases to others that prefer this type of legal representation. Matters of interpretation often require them to act as a legal advisor; this occurs when a client merely wants help on a legal matter or guidance in how to proceed in a case. A lawyer who primarily spends time in court is called a trial lawyer; of particular importance in trial work is the ability to think quickly and speak with ease and authority.

Trial lawyers actually spend more of their time outside the court; they investigate the case they are representing, talk to witnesses and arranging evidence, for example. The legal system affects nearly every aspect of our society; whether buying a home to crossing the street, lawyers hold positions of great responsibility and are obliged to follow a strict code of ethics. Depending on what area of specialization they work in will decide whether they practice in a courtroom; although they are all able to represent their clients in this manner when required. Lawyers can specialize in a number of different areas of society; such as:Intellectual Property Rights, Health Issues, Contract Law, Marine Law, and Fraud.

This specialization means that some legal representatives may never have to practice their skills in court! Environmental law for instance employs experts who will represent private, government and individuals; an example of this group could be construction firms, federal agencies, oil companies. It is not all glamour though as much of the work involves resolving land disputes, planning licenses and land administration; although they may also be called upon to challenge or defend other civil actions. Some attorneys concentrate in the growing field of intellectual property rights; protecting clients' claims to copyrights, artwork under contract, product designs, and computer programs. Major insurance companies usually employ lawyers in their legal department; their purpose is to protect the company's interests against fraudulent claims and advise on the legal terms and conditions used in policies.

Most attorneys work in the private sector working on criminal or civil law; criminal lawyers defend or prosecute persons charged with a crime; whereas civil law affects areas like wills, trusts and mortgages for example. Another high profile legal position is in cases where the public interest is served; these usually involve disputes or claims against governments or large corporations. Still other lawyers use their skills working for non-profit organizations and other charitable bodies; these attempt to serve disadvantaged people wherever they are from often oppressive governments and companies.

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