Rrecovering From a Whiplashrelated Injury

Whiplash injuries are more commonly associated with road accidents but in truth they can result from many different types of accidents or trauma.Usually a whiplash injury will manifest itself in the form of neck pain. However these injuries can also affect the mid to low back and extend out to the shoulders.

It is rare that bony injury is suffered, more often than not whiplash results from an injury to the soft tissue around the vertebra.The medical profession have in recent years altered their approach to the treatment of whiplash related problems. Whereas before patients were told to rest and not exert themselves too much, the advice now seems to be that people should stay as active as possible or at least as active as their symptoms allow.

It is rare that surgical collars are used, whereas they were actually very common only five or 10 years ago.If the patient stays active, there is a very good chance that they will recover quicker because the body adjusts to a level of pain and as a result chronic symptoms can be avoided.It most cases a doctor will prescribe painkilling medication or anti-inflammatories.

Around 20% of patients may need some form of physiotherapy and this usually involves manipulation or massage. There are many different forms of therapy now available, such as chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, acupuncture and holistic remedies. Different things work for different people and in general terms an injured individual now has far more options regarding treatment than was previously the case.It is very important that you seek therapy within a reasonable period of time. If persistent symptoms are left untreated, then this can result in a prolonged recovery period.It is strongly recommended that anyone suffering with a whiplash injury should seek medical advice.

The best possible place to receive such advice is at your local hospital or accident and emergency centre. These places will have X ray or MRI machines that will allow your symptoms to be fully investigated if required. A General Practitioner (GP) has only limited means to examine you, but this may still be a more appropriate option in certain circumstances.If you have suffered a whiplash injury following an accident and wish to enquire about compensation, you may visit The Claims Connection web site to learn more about pursuing a claim. We offer a free legal service to UK accident victims. This article focuses on whiplash injuries but is designed to offer information on such injuries in conjunction with legal issues involved in making a claim.

This article does not constitute medical advice and if you have been injured, it is strongly recommended that you should consult a doctor about your symptoms in order to receive the best possible advice.

.Martin Nolan is a legal marketer working for UK whiplash claim solicitors.

By: Martin Nolan

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