No WinNo PayNo Risk Lawsuit Loan Bridges Financial Gap

"No one pays much attention to how a person who has been injured is going to live while waiting for a case to go to trial. The legal system tends to put people who cannot afford to wait for their money at a disadvantage." - Boston Bar Association Ethics Committee Chairman, Gerry Cohen.With these words millions of U.S. consumers every year find out 1st hand the truthfulness of Mr.

Cohen's assessment, a professional assessment of the legal and insurance industry of this country. "It's a painful experience one I hope I never have to endure again" describes litigant Kari Spears regarding her dealing with an insurance company liable when she had an auto accident in 1997. The "extreme financial hardship & pressure we as a family endured when I was injured can only be described as a nightmare for both my children and myself. In one evening our whole life was devastated.

" Many litigants describe their experience with the system as "being left out to dry by the insurance industry" or "no one cares how much suffering we really experience." The costs injured plaintiffs sustain are far more than the actual pain and suffering, as Spears states, "injuries affect everything, including your standard of living. After an injury you can't maintain the same earnings after an accident vs. prior to one.

Then throw in the damage to your credit and you begin to know the real long term side effects no one takes into consideration.".Is there a solution to the dilemma? 1st Choice Funding thinks so as the company has taken the "bull by the horns" and developed a program offering litigants nationwide the opportunity to have cash in hand now, when plaintiffs need it most vs.

when settlement finally occurs. The program is called "No Win.No Pay. No Risk" Lawsuit Loan and this innovative approach puts litigants in the position to receive cash prior to settlement with no credit, no employment, no monthly payments, no collateral, and no risk for repayment if a case is not successfully litigated.

"No Win.No Pay. No Risk" Lawsuit Loans are unheard of from traditional banking approaches conventional lenders agree.

"1st Choice Funding's Lawsuit Loans aren't really loans at all, and that's why conventional approaches aren't how funding determinations are made" said company president Timothy S. Gray. Continuing Gray says, "lawsuit loans are what consumers associate our program with, but in reality, what we offer are advances made on future settlement, and that's something conventional lenders just don't understand.

"."No Win.No Pay.No Risk" Lawsuit Loans are an answer to many plaintiffs prayers as litigants who have seized the opportunity for cash now are no longer forced into early settlement due to financial hardship.

A lawsuit loan buys time, and time can mean the difference in thousands of extra dollars at the time of settlement for litigants. Why? Because time is money and money in the hand of a litigant staves off insurance stall tactics. Make no mistake; delayed settlements are no coincidence. The industry capitalizes interest earnings while forcing many litigants into financial hardship, positioning the plaintiff into a hardship, offering a reduced settlement to increase insurance profitability not lower premiums.".To find out more about "No Win.

No Pay.No Risk" Lawsuit Loans log onto the company website at and see for yourself what innovation at work can do in providing millions with a long past due financial remedy.

.Kari E. Gray, a 20 year veteran and a senior financial consultant for 1st Choice Funding has generated tens of millions in funding and for clients, while simultaneously saving tens of millions in operations for other clients.

As the senior advisor to the firm Ms. Gray has spearheaded innovative financial solutions for clients who include business, industry, plaintiffs and attorneys looking for financial solutions.

By: Kari Gray

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