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Personal injury is damage caused to a person by the action or negligence of another person. The range of this is vast and covers road and rail accidents, construction site and factory mishaps, nursing home abuse, and medical malpractice, among others. A person sustaining an injury can demand compensation individually. But if a number of people suffer damage brought on by a common source like a harmful pharmaceutical product they can bring a class-action suit.The claim is finally disposed of either through court verdicts or a settlement.

In both cases, a great deal of formalities and complexities are involved. Preparing the claim itself is a difficult process. Direct money outflow like medical bills or loss of pay are comparatively easy to quantify. But assessing the trauma caused by an injury in money terms for filing a claim is a difficult proposition. Conducting the case and negotiating a settlement are areas that invariably require the expertise of a lawyer.

Many honest and dedicated lawyers practice personal injury law all over New York. There is a lot of specialization among them. One may be concentrating on dog bites and another in premises liability, and so on. The Internet provides county-wise lists of such lawyers in New York. Or you could refer to the local Bar Association.

If you know anyone who had personal injury litigation, take his opinion. Doing a background check on the attorney is prudent.The attorney's charges include two parts. One is the fee for his services. The other covers the expenses incurred by him for conducting the case.

In personal injury cases, attorneys normally settle for a percentage of the compensation that is obtained. Many attorneys don't charge for the initial consultation.Be sure to clarify all points before you hire a lawyer. Remember, you are paying him.

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