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Bankruptcy is person's legal declaration of being insolvent. Bankruptcy can be a very difficult, complex and complicated legal process, so it is very important to seek an experienced and skilled bankruptcy lawyer. New York has a vast number of lawyers and firms that are among the best for handling bankruptcy cases.

A bankruptcy lawyer should be certified by the American Bankruptcy Institute in order to practice his trade. New York bankruptcy lawyers work on behalf of their clients to help in filing for bankruptcy, or getting protection from bankruptcy. New York bankruptcy lawyers review the facts, file paperwork, attend court procedures and determine the best options available for clients with respect to the New York bankruptcy law.

A client should choose a lawyer that takes care of his case in a respectful, caring and ethical manner, and protects his legal rights, assets and personal rights. Lawyers who specialize in bankruptcy cases have experience in creditor-debtor disputes that rise up in court, federal trials and state appellate courts. A New York bankruptcy lawyer can file for bankruptcy under either Chapter 7 (straight liquidation bankruptcy) or Chapter 13 (prevent mortgage foreclosures).Some people prefer not to file for bankruptcy because there might be too many risk factors involved for them or their family.

In case of such situations, a lawyer helps clients to deal with creditors, negotiate a debt settlement and arrange refinancing. A bankruptcy lawyer should have the knowledge and legal expertise of the new bankruptcy law that went into effect on October 17, 2005 and how it will affect debtor's rights, Chapter 7 filing and Chapter 13 filing.Some of the most prominent firms specializing in bankruptcy in New York are Orrick, Rosenberg, Musso and Weiner; Friedberg, Greener, and Cohen; Nagel Rice and Mazie, and many more.

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