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The garden state or more commonly known as the petrol-chemical and oil refinery state, is what we refer to as New Jersey. With its close proximity to two big cities, New York City and Philadelphia, it is a hot spot for commuters and families alike. New Jersey has its ups and downs, its downs being no left turns and its ups being suburbia towns located close to two metropolises. The high level of education also populates New Jersey such as in colleges Princeton and Rutgers. However great, or not so great, you think New Jersey is, there are certain laws and regulations you must be aware of if you live in the area and have undergone medical malpractice in New Jersey. In New Jersey there is a limit to the amount of damages one can receive in a medical malpractice case.

Medical malpractice New Jersey punitive damages have a ceiling of $350,000.00 or five times the amount of damages, whichever turns out to be more. A rule that applies to medical malpractice in New Jersey is the collateral source rule. This rule is explained as, "defendant may not seek to reduce its liability by introducing evidence that the plaintiff has received compensation from other sources, such as the plaintiff's own insurance coverage. For medical malpractice cases in New Jersey there is mandatory offset for payments from collateral sources, with the exception of workers' compensation benefits and life insurance proceeds", as according to expert law. In regards to liability, under New Jersey law it is stated that each defendant is liable for damages only in an amount proportionate to that defendant's fault.

Except however, if a defendant is more than 60% at fault for the cause of the plaintiff's injury, then above would not be true. Also in New Jersey it is mandatory of any claims 20,000 or under to go through arbitration. This is enacted so that time and money to not get wasted by going into court to determine this type of matter. These types of rules in New Jersey make it necessary to hire a medical malpractice lawyer proficient in New Jersey Law. Due to its large population, it is common for medical malpractice to take place, in which it is smart to contact a medical malpractice New Jersey right away. With our economy shaping the way it is, no one can afford any matters of medical malpractice at the moment.

Doctors and medical institutions are starting to catch on that if they practice safer medicine, thus decreasing the rate of medical malpractice, their insurance premiums will also decrease. People don't want anymore expenses incurred than is already necessary; therefore it is crucial for a medical malpractice attorney to be called as soon as there are any occurrences. In New Jersey, it might even possible if proven medical malpractice for attorney fees to be included in the settlement.

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