Litigation Cash Advances

Fighting litigation requires money. It is essential for everything, from hiring an attorney to clearing the settlements. It is also possible that in the process of fighting a case, one may exhaust all financial resources.

At such a time, Litigation Financing companies come to the individual's rescue. These are the companies that offer funds, better known as cash advances, to the individual involved in a litigation case.As a layman, an individual is not aware of the recovery amount for a personal injury or any other case he is filing a lawsuit for.

He or she hires an attorney who is an expert in this field. The attorney studies the case and builds it accordingly before filing it at court. With his or her help, the individual contacts a Litigation Financing company, who may give pre-settlement advances for the case. The company decides or negotiates an advance after evaluating the case.

These Litigation Cash Advances come as a help to the individual.They are non-recourse advances. Here the company transfers the advances. The individual need not make any kind of monthly payment. Once the case is over the company recovers its share based on the signed agreement.

This is a portion of the recovery settlement that the individual receives after he or she wins the case. But if the case is lost, the company does not get any returns. Similarly, the company stands a loss even if the recovery charges are very low.

However, there is a one-time fee payment to the Litigation Financing Company.Litigation Cash Advances are thus an advantage to any individual seeking monetary help in fighting the case.

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By: Jennifer Bailey

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