Lead Exposure and The Fetus

Lead poisoning is a major threat during a woman's pregnancy, which is why it is important for individuals to be aware of these harms and where they still exist in our society today. Clean Up! Cleanliness is next to godliness.and can help pregnant women escape the dangers of toxic lead exposure. Chipped pain and dust may contain lead and it is important these surfaces are continually clean to avoid lead poisoning exposure. Cover chipping paint in your home with duct tape, plastic or contact paper, and vacuum dust whenever possible.

A wet cloth will help wash down painted and dusty surfaces, protecting you from lead particles and their potential dangers to you and your fetus. Hand-washing, while common-sense, is not practiced enough, so be sure to wash up after interacting with soil, which might contain lead toxins, and before preparing food or eating. Wear garden gloves and wash up after dusting or mopping to prevent cross-contamination with your food or water. Craft With Care Ceramic and other pottery may have its appeal, but with lead paint posing a very real threat to your fetus, it may be a good idea to avoid ceramic crafts until after your pregnancy. It is imperative to wash hands and clothing if you cannot avoid dealing with paint and pottery that have lead contaminants.

Solder is a bad idea while pregnant, so hand the soldering iron off to another crafty woman during your pregnancy. Change your clothing after working with lead-filled crafts materials and be sure to wash them away from other family members' garments. Take Care At Work Occupational exposure to lead is dangerous for men and women, but pregnant women run the additional risk of lead contamination to their unborn children. If you work with soldering irons, welding materials, lead-based paint, common construction site chemicals and items, or work in a factory setting, you may be putting your fetus at risk.

Ask your employer about a transfer to a lower-risk area of the factory, and be sure to wash hands often. Put your work clothing in a separate hamper and wash it separately from other family's garments. Keep lead-exposed shoes outside of the house and be sure to vacuum well if they go into the house.

Educate yourself about the hazards of lead exposure and be certain to talk to your doctor about how your prenatal care can reflect your concern about lead poisoning and lead exposure. Seek Legal Advice for Exposure If you have been exposed to lead paint or other lead at work or at home, consult a doctor and then a lawyer. Contacting a lead poisoning law firm that is experienced is important to provide compensation for you and your baby.

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