Inventors Make Sure Your Invention is a Success

Discover some of the important strategies all inventors should know to help ensure that their invention is a success. This list of tips was compiled from successful inventors. They are sure to steer you in the right direction and help you ensure success for yourself. 1. Educate yourself on the in's and out's of patents, product development and invention marketing. There is plenty you can do on your own.

Even if you plan to hire a patent searcher and a patent practitioner to prepare your patent application for you, you will still need to be aware of what is going on. Professionals may charge hundreds (even thousands) of dollars for their advice and expertise; imagine how much it will cost for them to fill you in on the basics. 2. Perform a preliminary patent search on your own before you invest too much time and money in your invention. Remember, you don't want to re-invent the wheel (literally).

If your invention already exists, you don't need to continue. 3. Invest time researching the marketability of your invention. If you won't make money from it, don't pursue it! Spend your time and energy developing something else. 4.

Do not hire the services of an all-in-one invention submission company. Many use fraudulent methods and will overcharge you (at the very least). Even the ones that are legitimate have flaws. Inventing and marketing are not done best by all-in-one shops. If you need help, stick with professionals who specialize; good bets are patent searchers, patent practitioners, prototype development specialists, marketing and licensing companies.

5. Keep good records of your invention in a bound laboratory notebook and have witnesses periodically sign it. Secure your receipts to it and keep it professional. 6.

Make the best prototype you can afford. At the very least, have drawings, photos or a model that works well enough to demonstrate your invention. This will help you and your patent practitioner find more unique features and increase the strength of your patent. It will also help you if you plan to look for investors, licensors or marketers.

7. Talk to other inventors. Learn what challenges they faced and how they overcame them. Networking with other inventors can lead you to useful references; such as whom to trust for a patent search, patent practitioners, etc.

8. Set realistic deadlines for yourself and approach all possible contacts; such as investors, licensors, manufactures and consumers in a professional manner. 9. Recognize that there is a risk involved with patenting and marketing your invention and do not spend more money than you need to - definitely don't spend everything you have.

Do as much as possible on your own before hiring anyone. 10. Do not let the excitement you have for your invention blind you from reality. 11. Don't give up - keep trying, expect to receive some rejections and get over them quickly.

12. Don't expect someone else to do all the difficult work for you. 13. Once you've applied for patent protection, put up a website. The internet is the most global reach you could ever hope for.

You may want to gear it toward your investors, licensors or even consumers. It is possible to completely market your invention all on your own right from your own website.

Copyright 2005 Lisa Parmley - Registered Patent Agent Review free articles on inventing and patenting: Patent Your Inventions

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