Illnesses and Diseases Caused by Contamination

It is very easy to become the victim of groundwater contamination and it most often occurs when individuals use water from a well. Ofen the gound acquifier becomes contaminated because of leaks from chemicals and the water source then becomes contaminated. Many of the side effects from soil and water contamination are severe and should be taken serious, as they can have lifelong health disabilites on an indivudal affected. Groundwater contamination not only is caused through well water but can also occur through air contamination with low water tables. If the chemicals are volatile, such as gasoline or other materials, they may escape into people's basements and may be trapped, thereby exposing the homeowner who may inhale the fumes. Soil is another way an individual can get contamination.

This can occur as discussed above with groundwater contamination, but can also occur when streams or other bodies of water are contaminated with heavy metals or chemicals. When areas flood, these heavy metals and chemicals are deposited on an individual's property and thus contaminate the soil. People can be exposed to these contaminants in the following ways: skin contact (having skin contact with soil by gardening); inhalation (creating dust in the yard or tracking dust into the home); and ingestion (consuming fruits and vegetables from the ground, which was grown in the soil). Sources of Soil Contamination While it would be impossible to list all the potential sources of chemical contamination, the following list will serve to illustrate typical contamination sources: * Gas stations, * Machine shops, * Railroad yards and other railroad-related work sites, * Chemical manufacturing plants, * Incinerators, * Dry cleaning stores, * Chemical waste storage facilities, * Any manufacturing plant that uses any type of cleaning solvents or gasoline based products, * Oil refineries, and * Landfills. Potential Injuries from Soil and Water Contamination Contaminants are likely to cause chronic health effects, or effects that occur long after repeated exposure to small amounts of a chemical.

Examples of chronic health effects include cancer, liver and kidney damage, disorders of the nervous system, damage to the immune system, and birth defects. There are an array of injuries that can occur because of soil and water contamination, the following are some examples of the chemical contamination. The potential injuries from soil and water contamination include the following: * Cancer (such as skin, lung and brain); * Various forms of learning disability (ADD, ADHD, LD); * Teratogenic effects (when a fetus is contaminated during pregnancy; * Respiratory effects (breathing difficulties, allergies and other similar conditions); * Gastrointestinal effects (stomach conditions); * Cardiovascular effects (heart problems); * Hepatic effects (conditions that affect the liver); * Renal effects (various kidney effects including blood in the urine and other kidney problems); and * Neurological effects (various nervous system disorders, including reflex malfunction and headaches).

If you have been exposed to soil and/or water contamination and have been injured, you may have a legal case.

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