How To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket

Lets Talk A Little Bit About Speeding Tickets & How To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket Did you know that on a average day in the US 115,000, pointless stupid traffic infractions are written, to people like you and me. If you do the simple math that is approx. 42,000,000 speeding tickets that are handed out each and every year. YES forty-two-million tickets each and every year. To make it even more clear that is about 21% of all licensed drivers in the US. Lets take it even farther.

A average speeding ticket cost drivers $150. Just look at how much yours was for, based off of statistics I bet it is in this range. Now, multiply that $150 ticket by the 115,000 that are written each day and you get 17,250,000 dollars that are generated in revenue each and everyday now times that by 365 days in a year and you get a whopping 6,296,250,000.

Yes my friends that nearly 6.3 billion dollars in revenue from issuing often pointless speeding tickets. As you can see issuing speeding tickets is no small game, in fact it is big business. What does this mean? Well my friends it simply means that those fat bored officers that have nothing better to do than target people that are going a measly 10 miles over the speed limit are going nowhere and will be around forever to make sure that you pay for your lead foot. It is a fact that of all the tickets that you could receive, a speeding ticket is by far one of the most unfair tickets that you could receive.

Why? Because often times there is no concrete proof that you committed the infraction. Remember, in this country we are all innocent until proven guilty. In order for a traffic court to find that you committed the infraction a number of factors must come in to play. Such as, there must be some type of proof that the ticketed speed can be backed up by a properly calibrated speed measuring device such as a radar gun. Many times when officers issue tickets, they have failed to properly calibrate their radar guns or they are altogether faulty.

In traffic court a officer must be able to prove that their radar gun has been properly calibrated and they have been properly trained to use such a device. It is amazing how many times tickets are dismissed based solely off of this technicality. Also, incorrect speed estimate by police officers, often called "pacing" is by far not proof within a shadow of a doubt that you committed a speeding infraction. Altogether, many times the officers that are out on the street issuing this speeding tickets are just point blank inadequately trained to handle speed reading equipment.

So with this in mind, How to get out of a speeding ticket. These irregular factors are exactly what you are looking for and is what is going to help you get out of your ticket, you need to take advantage of these and at the very least contest your ticket or mitigate it. News Flash.

Most people don't know but I want you to know, If you choose to simply mitigate, which, many times will work to your advantage, in at least getting your fines reduced more than likely you will receive a reduced fine or the judge may offer you what is called deferred prosecution. This simply means that if you do not get any further speeding tickets generally within 1 year, your speeding ticket will be dropped and will not appear on your driving record. If you choose to contest your ticket, often times you don't have to go to court for the first time that you choose to contest a ticket. This is really quite simple, all you have to do is simply mail in a not guilty plea and select the trial option that is on the backside of your ticket. In this option you will simply collect your evidence discrediting the officer and the citation that you received and mail it with your written plea. In addition to this option you may also choose to appear in court, if you choose to do this I would always make sure that you request for the officer to be present as many times they don't show which to your delight is a automatic dismissal, you may also request a written declaration.

The most common way that people get out of speeding tickets, is simply to request a contested hearing and to subpoena the issuing officer to appear on your court date. Many times by the time you receive your assigned court date the officer has forgotten essential details in regards to your citation which is needed to convict you. This is often due to incomplete reports on the officers part.

Even, better many times your court date is up to 6 months from the date you received your ticket and many times the officer just does not show, as I said earlier, Automatic dismissal. If your prosecutor motions for a continuance, you must protest to the judge that your ticket must be dismissed. You will always hope for this situation that the officer just does not show, you would be amazed how many of my tickets I have gotten out of due to this fact alone.

There are so many other factors and other legal loop holes that can aid in you getting out of your speeding ticket. Beating a speeding ticket has been made easy with ticket beating tricks that all traffic cops don't want you to know. There are many resources available that can aide you in answering the question "How to get out of a speeding ticket" DONT JUST PAY YOUR TICKET... LEARN HOW TO FIGHT IT TODAY!!! ITS YOUR RIGHT AS A AMERICAN. - "Don't Pay Another Speeding ticket" Successfully fighting a speeding ticket is easier than you think with the resources that we have for you. Our resources will show you how to fight your ticket with tricks that Traffic Cops don't want you to know. Along with, If you should fight, plea bargain, or pay the fine! We will show you, How to plan ahead! Your basic rights! What to do in court! About radar, laser, and photo-laser units! About other types of tickets: red lights, stop signs, u-turns, parking tickets, etc! And much, MUCH MORE! FIGHT YOUR TICKET TODAY!

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