How To Ensure A Compensation Claim Goes In Your Favor

Life is tough for a construction worker in America, so much so that it is now recognized as the most dangerous job where the working environment is very hazardous. In fact, just to highlight the issue further, New York State even went so far as to write new laws to govern the construction and related industries where the number and variety of accidents is huge, this lead to many attorneys becoming specialist accident lawyers. Construction site injuries happen every day with falls most common but so are scaffolding accidents, injuries as a result of defective machines/equipment and that is not to mention electrocution, fires, explosions, serious cuts and welding accidents. However, although it may not be the first thing on your mind when you are injured, it is important to document exactly what happened. If you want to ensure you receive a financial settlement in your favor when you make a compensation claim for your injuries then you will need to have everything carefully written down.

Facts that indicate what if any equipment was being used, were safety measures carried out and especially witness statements as all this information is crucial if a successful claim is to be made. This should be as complete as you can possibly make it adding every fact no matter how small if you want your accident lawyer to strengthen you case. Once all the information has been gathered you will need to locate a good lawyer, preferably someone with experience in accident compensation claims but better still if that is their area of expertise. As there could be a number of people responsible for your injury you do not want a lawyer that does not have experience with accident claims as you have been an injury that wasn't your fault but if they have professional accident lawyers defending them, the chances of that successful outcome diminish.

Unfortunately, the law forbids any legal suits against employers and this has the effect that many people who are injured are reluctant to pursue compensation claims not realizing that other people can be held to account for accidents on a construction site. This category includes, suppliers, machinery and equipment manufacturers and third-party contractors for example, all of which can be prosecuted and pursued for compensation if an injury occurs. New York State is very protective of construction workers, so in this case, the law is definitely on your side and it is the responsibility of the property owner and general contractor to keep the site safe and to ensure safety for all its workers. With these laws, no-one should really escape and if you are working for a subcontractor who has supplied you with unsafe equipment which was the cause of the accident then they will be held responsible. In the event you were injured by a malfunctioning tool or piece of equipment, the product manufacturer can also be held responsible but an accident lawyer will tell you have any case to pursue.

To reiterate the point made previously, as this area of law is complicated and full of loopholes, it is not just an accident attorney you will require to make a successful claim but one who has construction site injury expertise as well as knowledge of local laws.

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