Florida DUI Records

Drunk driving is becoming a very grave situation, especially in states like Florida where authorities involved in enforcing laws are finding it a very big challenge.Driving under the influence or DUI means anyone stopped while driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% BAL (Blood Alcohol Level).

In Florida, if your BAL is over the legal limit, you will be penalized for the offense. The current penalties include fines ranging from $250 to $1000 depending on whether the offence is the first one or a repeated one. DUI may also lead to jail terms for the offender, which is a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 30 years, if vehicular homicide is involved. In addition, vehicles could be confiscated and licenses impounded by the authorities.

In most of the convictions, court orders a mandatory 50-hour community service for the accused.The Florida Department of Highway Security of Motor Vehicles does an excellent job of keeping track of all records relating to highway offenses. Every detail of the offense and the offender is stored and kept at an officer's fingertips for necessary referrals.

Florida FDHSMV and other websites like and www.searchdetective.

com are public domains, and can also be visited for records. DUI records help police and other law enforcing agencies in finding out antecedents of each new DUI offense. The records reveal in detail the actual DUI offenses and convictions. In Florida, based on whether it is a first, second or numerous times offense ? punishment is dealt accordingly.


Florida DUI provides detailed information about Florida DUI, Florida DUI arrests, Florida DUI attorneys, Florida DUI laws and more. Florida DUI is the sister site of California DUI Lawyers Info.

By: Max Bellamy

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