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Drinking and Driving is not a premeditated crime. Most people do not think," tonight I am going to drink and drive." People simply make that decision after having consumed alcohol. Dui Law should be considered in the unfortunate event that you get pulled over by law enforcement.

Most people think that if they get pulled over for DUI, and are below the legal limit, that the officer will let them go or they will only be fined and not charged. The truth is that if a law enforcement officer observes alcohol, smells alcohol, or hears the evidence of alcohol, they will start an investigation of you. At this point, the smartest thing you can do, is to know your rights. The fact is that you can be arrested, charged, and convicted, even if you are below the legal states blood alcohol limit (bac)*.

Educating yourself about your rights is the responsible thing to do. The message that alcohol manufacturers promote is."Drink Responsibly", "know your limit" and so on.

So, if you are being responsible and keeping within the limits, then it is all the more reason to educate yourself. Current trends in politics allow special interest groups, such as M.A.D.D to manipulate lawmakers to lower blood alcohol limits.

This ongoing trend puts even the most casual drinker at risk.

A few years ago .10 was considered drunk and .08 was impaired. NOW .

08 is drunk so what is impaired? By lowering the BAC limit from .10 to .08 tens of thousands of people are criminalized instantly, and further drains the resources of law enforcement, creates more over crowding of jails and court rooms. Further this system equates to more tax payer dollars being spent on DUI enforcement and prosecution.

So the question is will the .02 difference save more lives or create more statistics for special interest groups to justify themselves on capitol hill? You decide.

A video was created to educate the casual drinker, not to condone drinking and driving or provide "get out of jail" information to those habitual drinkers who consistently make the bad decision to drive after they know they are over the legal limit. The only thing that can help such people is to help them make better decisions. The video DOES NOT enable or empower people to drink and drive and not get caught. The facts are that a DRUNK can only do one thing well at a time.

If you are one of the many thousands of habitual drinkers who drink and drive and say, "It will never happen to me" or, You think you are too smart to get caught, then you are fooling yourself, it is only a matter of time until you get caught by the police or hurt or kill yourself or someone else.

"Drink Smarter, Not Harder"

* BAC and the effect of alcohol can be different for different people based on age, weight, sex, food consumption, rest, and general metabolism of an individual.

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