Dont Fall Prey to Foreclosure Rescue Scams

A stack of unpaid bills sits on your dining room table. Your bank has published notice that you're behind on your house payments. And you're inundated with letters from foreclosure rescuers promising to save your home. Should you contact a foreclosure rescuer? Absolutely not! At Resolve Legal PLLC, a law firm providing Seattle avoid foreclosure help to Seattle-area consumers, we've seen many people victimized by foreclosure rescue scams.

Because our attorneys have for years provided Seattle avoid foreclosure help, we know the scams will increase as more homeowners with adjustable mortgages face foreclosure in the future. One scam our Seattle avoid foreclosure attorneys see is "equity stripping." The scammer promises to save your home by taking title, renting it to you and selling it back later. Instead, the scammer strips the equity by charging outrageous fees, doing phony renovations and not making mortgage payments. A variation our Seattle avoid foreclosure attorneys see: a scammer takes title without you realizing it and walks away with your equity.

As attorneys providing Seattle avoid foreclosure help to homeowners, we're familiar with scammers' tactics. These include: ? Bombarding you with letters, flyers and phone calls ? Isolating you, telling you not to contact lenders or attorneys that provide Seattle avoid foreclosure help ? Fraud, having you sign papers with blanks scammers fill in later Instead of contacting a foreclosure rescuer, call a law firm like Resolve Legal PLLC that provides Seattle avoid foreclosure help. We'll contact your lender and try to negotiate a payment plan. If that's not possible, we'll take steps to stop foreclosure, which often involves filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. As attorneys providing Seattle avoid foreclosure advice, we're extremely knowledgeable about this proceeding and helping consumers deal with financial problems.

One final recommendation: As soon as you realize you can't make your mortgage payments, contact an attorney providing Seattle avoid foreclosure advice. To avoid foreclosure, you need an attorney providing Seattle avoid foreclosure advice. Hire that attorney to avoid scammers and save your home.

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