Discover The Benefits Of Low Cost Legal Services

Discover The Benefits Of Low Cost Legal Services People who are seeking legal advice and concerned about their families and relationships can discover many benefits associated with low cost legal services. With the rise in legal feuds among individuals all over the country, and the enormous fees being charged by professional lawyers, low cost legal services is needed more than ever. Many people who need legal advice generally shy away because of the exorbitant fees. However, there are a number of law organizations that have been formed for the purpose of providing people with legal advice at a fraction of the price.

The types of services these organizations typically provide can include: Business Law Consumer Law Corporation - LLC Corporation - for profit Corporation - non profit Copyright Trademark Trade Name Family Law Deed Transfer Deed of Trust and Note Power-of-Attorney Pre-Marital Agreement Child Support Child Custody Divorce - Uncontested Divorce - Contested w. Mediation Wills & Estates Will Living Will Living Trust with Deed Probate Other Landlord/Tenant - Landlord Landlord/Tenant - Tenant Name Change This is how one organization is able to charge a fraction of the cost for traditional legal services. All services are delivered by telephone, mail and the Internet By not having face-to-face meetings with our clients, we are able to save considerable time (and money), without affecting quality. In fact, several research studies have shown that legal services delivered by phone result in as good or better outcomes for clients than face-to-face services.

No Scheduled Appointments for Clients Our clients can call or walk into our offices anytime without appointments. Maintaining an appointment system is expensive and does not enhance quality. The use of State-of-the-Art Technology to Produce Documents This dramatically reduces the time it takes us to produce wills, trusts, court forms and other documents. No Representation of Clients in Court; Instead We Help Them Represent Themselves Many people are fully capable of navigating the court system for certain common legal matters. Generally these are matters where the judge has little discretion in the decision he or she makes. For example, if both spouses prove that they are entitled to an uncontested the divorce, then the judge must usually grant the divorce.

As long as the spouses receive help in completing the court forms and are coached on how to prove their case to the judge, they will be granted the divorce. The same is usually true for Chapter 7 bankruptcies, name changes, child support orders and probate matters. The cost of court form preparation and coaching by phone is a fraction of the cost of being fully represented in court.

We carefully evaluate each client's situation to determine whether they are capable of representing themselves. Sometimes our clients have no choice, for financial reasons, than to represent themselves. In these cases our assistance can enhance the results they achieve.

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