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If you work in the United States, the most dangerous profession to be employed in is construction with a much higher than average chance of a serious accident occurring every day. These places are so dangerous that New York State decided to create a whole new set of laws governing construction sites and as a consequence, specialist accident lawyers are employed as the number of accidents that happen is staggering. Construction site injuries happen every day with falls most common but so are scaffolding accidents, injuries as a result of defective machines/equipment and that is not to mention electrocution, fires, explosions, serious cuts and welding accidents. If you are unfortunate enough to work on a construction site and be injured then you will need to ensure you have all the information relating to the accident fully documented. If you want to ensure you receive a financial settlement in your favor when you make a compensation claim for your injuries then you will need to have everything carefully written down. Specifically, information on what machinery was being used at the time, were all safety measures carried out and of course witness statements which are particularly useful if a claim is made against malfunctioning equipment.

This should be as complete as you can possibly make it adding every fact no matter how small if you want your accident lawyer to strengthen you case. Your next move will be to locate a firm of lawyers that deal with accident compensation claims and if possible ensure that is all the work they do as it will increase your chances of a positive outcome. Not seeking an experienced accident lawyer is a serious mistake because if you've been injured and it's not your fault, then you need to be compensated as construction site injury lawsuits are not cut and dry; there are a number of people who can be held accountable for your injury.

Most people feel that because of worker's employment laws you are unable to file a compensation claim lawsuit and this is partially true as typically these prohibit you from suing your employer, but don't forget they are not the only ones at fault. The category of companies where a claim can be made for injury is quite large and reflects anyone that supplies a construction site like equipment manufacturers, third-party contractors and even the property owners. New York State made a bold move when it developed laws to protect construction workers but they have made it known that claims will be made against contractors and property owners who do not keep their sites safe.

Workers injured as a result of unsafe equipment supplied by subcontractors will also be able to make a claim with these new laws. If it is found the equipment supplied was faulty and supplied by the manufacturer that way, then an accident lawyer will also be able to prosecute them as well. Again, the very best thing is to find a law firm who specializes in personal injuries and who has experience with construction site lawsuits but ideally you will need someone who is familiar with the separate set of laws in place strictly for construction site injuries.

You will need an accident solicitor to make a successful claim but one who has construction site injury expertise as well as knowledge of local laws

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