Choosing the Right Attorney

Choosing a lawyer can be a tough decision. The most important part of the decision is what type of attorney you will require. If you are going to court for a possession charge, you need a criminal defense lawyer. If you are going for a divorce, naturally you want a divorce lawyer. Choosing specialized representation is always a good idea because the person you choose as your attorney will have a vast wealth of knowledge on that particular subject, instead of a small amount of experience in many different fields. You don't need your personal injury lawyer to know anything about divorce law right?.

So where do you find a reliable lawyer? The most convenient way it to look online. There are a few reliable web sites out there for finding an attorney in your city or state. Generally you want to search based on the type of representation you require, followed by your state or closest major city. You can also find one through word of mouth, or looking through directories.What are you looking for in a lawyer? Well you definitely want him to be an honest, warm person.

Don't waste your time with people who seem like your not worth theirs. You also want someone with experience. Inquire about experience : how long he/she has been practicing, what school they graduated from, etc. Most attorneys will happily show you their credentials. If they hesitate, they likely don't have many credentials and you might want to stay clear of that particular person.

Overall, when looking for the right attorney you just gotta use your judgement. The same rules apply to choosing a family doctor or a psychologist; you want to feel comfortable that you are being taken care of. Never be afraid to ask questions, and most importantly keep yourself involved in your case. If you are filing for bankruptcy, read up about the laws and exemptions of your particular state.


Rich LoNigro is a college law student and runs The Attorney Search . His website allows the user to search based on type of lawyer and state/city, currently hosting Bankruptcy, Divorce, Defense, Immigration, Mesothelioma, Personal Injury and Tax attornies.

By: Rich LoNigro

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