Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

Over 500,000 people in the United States suffer from some form of cerebral palsy. There are a number of maternal and fetal conditions that increase the risk of a child being born with the disease. However, when cerebral palsy occurs during or after birth, medical provider negligence may contribute to this often-preventable condition. There are several examples of preventable causes of cerebral palsy. A premature infant may not be given appropriate therapy to reduce jaundice, thereby leading to brain damage.

A delivery may be mishandled and lead to fetal stress and brain injury. A parent may find that their spouse or another caregiver has abused their child, causing brain damage that results in cerebral palsy.There are no accurate figures on the proportion of cerebral palsy cases attributable to medical provider negligence or child abuse.

However, with the knowledge that provider negligence may have played a role in their child's condition, parents can seek legal action to protect their child's rights and to seek financial or other restitution. Such restitution becomes important when one considers that the average lifetime cost of providing care to a cerebral palsy patient is close to one million dollars.A cerebral palsy lawsuit is a civil lawsuit, in which damages are typically sought from the party or parties thought to have contributed, either in part or in whole, to the patient's condition. Most states have a statute of limitations or a maximum time period during which a cerebral palsy lawsuit may be filed. There are a number of links on the Internet to lawyers who represent cerebral palsy victims.

Given the complexity of the diagnosis and management of cerebral palsy, it is advisable to retain lawyers with experience in handling such cases and with access to medical experts. Damages are typically sought to cover medical, disability and psychological costs and to cover income losses.


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By: Kristy Annely

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