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Software has made it a lot easier to deal with bail bonds. These types of software use switchboard-style menus, which make them quick to learn and easier to use. The most popular software being used currently is the BBS or Bail Bond Software.BBS is very user-friendly software that has only two data input forms, "clients" and "Bond", as well as a popup account ledger form that is used for data entry. The software constitutes of drop-down and phone directory style lists that enable quick and easy selection of client and bond records when they need to be modified.

All the client records can be retrieved easily as required. All reports and formal letters such as surety letters, delinquent letters, client statements and court and financial reports can be generated at the click of a mouse button.The phone directory style list allows for quick selection of client or bond records to edit. The software provides selectable lists of active, inactive, or all bonds or clients. Alphabetical buttons further narrow the list and ease the selection process.Navigation through BBS data entry and editing can be done using only the keyboard, only the mouse, or with a combination of the two input devices.

Another software option is the LexBail software program. One major advantage of this software is that it is provided free of charge to Lexington National agents. This software program was developed specifically for the bail bond industry and is continuously updated.

The LexBail software allows agents to run their complete business. This software includes tracking powers and allows you to find bonds written, forfeitures, collateral, total co-signer exposure, premium payment plans, commissions for subagents, remissions, and regulatory reporting. LexBail software is customized for the bail industry to manage and electronically store bail bond records, handle premiums, and more. The only disadvantage of the bail bond software is that it does not run on Macintosh, Linux, Unix, OS2, or any other non-Microsoft Windows Platforms.

.Bail Bonds provides detailed information about bail bonds, bail bond companies, bail bond license, and more.

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By: Damian Sofsian

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