Assault Battery Criminal Law

Each year there are over 800,000 assaults reported to local law enforcement agencies. Assault is typically defined as trying to strike an individual when the individual is aware of the danger being presented. A 'felonious' assault is an attack, or attempt to attack, through force, in order to cause physical injury to an individual. Even if the individual doesn't get hurt, but a weapon is involved, then it still falls under the category of a felony.Assault & Battery is an incident where actual contact was made and resulted in the need for medical treatment. This is also a felony.

The consequences of an assault crime can be imprisonment, probation, fines, anger management classes and more. The punishment usually has to do with the circumstances of the situation and the background of the offender. If the offender has a prior history of assault these punishments will most likely be inflated.Not every instance of an assault crime is straight forward and clear-cut. For instance, an assault may have been committed due to self-defense or defending another person or property.

This is why it is so important to hire a professional assault attorney. A qualified attorney will be able to complete an extensive investigation and use their professional expertise to help dismiss or minimize the sentence.Assault & Battery ? Criminal Law.

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By: Todd Going

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