Payment Withheld Can I Fight a Magazine Publisher to Get it Back - A colleague of mine sent me a troubling question: "Dave, I recently submitted an article to a magazine I've worked with for a few years, and they accepted it without comment.

Assault Battery Criminal Law - Each year there are over 800,000 assaults reported to local law enforcement agencies.

Legal Terms A Quick Guide - Legal issues and problems are stressful, complex and inevitable.

Business Intellectual Property Overview - Service & Trade Marks.

New York DUI Facts - Every case is different and there are no guarantees.

Getting the Best Virginia Workers Compensation Settlement - When you are injured at work, you will probably be eligible for workers' compensation.

Malpractice And Politics - In this article we're going to look at the ugly political side of malpractice which is most likely the main reason that malpractice laws are not toughened.

Orange County DUI Lawyers Report Field Sobriety Tests Designed For Failure - In the course of a drunk driving investigation, police officers will usually administer a series of so-called "field sobriety tests" (FSTs).

Patent Business Method Patents Part II - In this second article on business method patents we're going to continue our discussion on what happens when two companies are battling it out for the same patent.

Free Joint Venture Checklist - Oftentimes, you may have a need to set up a 'joint venture' with a third party.

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