A Cheap Segway Is A New Way To Give Local Tours

No matter where you go there will always be tourists and tourists love to spend money. You could sell tours to them and they get to ride on a trendy Segway! You could charge $50 or more per person and take small groups of 2-10 people on tours. Each tour should last no longer than 2 hours. Now Segways are those new two wheeled scooters that tourists can stand on without the foot pain often associated with walking on tours.

It takes just a little time to show people how to use them, but they are by far the best idea for tours that could otherwise be made by walking. It is very nice to be able to cover large areas of walking tours by having these efficient Segways. If you are very close to an area frequented by tourists, you can offer tours to them and they get to ride on a Segway! This will make the touring industry even more attractive, by offering your tours with these fun little people movers. There are even people that would just really love to be able to learn how to use the Segway first. Just offer a simple tour that helps people learn how to use a Segway but offer it for far less.

Maybe you could charge $20 to $35 per person for a brief 20 to 40 minute tour that includes lessons of how to use the Segway. This would be a very great opportunity for those that are not sure if they would be comfortable using a Segway on a tour. Once they experience the fun, they are definitely sure to want a longer tour. This is where you offer a discount to these new users for a tour of their choice for already being a customer.

Since you will be offering these Segways for the tours that you will be doing, you will need to invest in a fair amount of them. This would actually depend on how many people you plan to take on the tours. You will need to check with your local area and see if you can buy or lease these two-wheeled vehicles.

They can be very expensive so you will want to be prepared to spend a decent amount of money, but the investment will definitely be well worth the money. Your tours should make it very easy to recoup a return on your investment very soon. Now, because you offer your tours with these two-wheeled vehicles, it will make your tours more attractive than other tours in the local area. This is a fact but very true, as people get older they tend to travel a lot more, because if they have trouble walking for long periods of time it can be very difficult for them to participate on these tours. However, if you decide that you want to do this, make sure that the area you are touring will allow the use of Segways.

Some things that you will most likely have to do is to check with your local ordinances and make sure that they will allow small groups of Segways to travel within the area. Usually if there are paths for bicycling like Portland, OR, you will have no problem being able to use them. Now, when it comes to busy city sidewalks, you may have to do some good research to make sure that the tours will not any difficulty in terms as traffic is concerned. is your one stop shop for the best Cheap Segway at a bargain.

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