Los Angeles Personal Injury Laws - The laws relating to personal injury applicable in Los Angeles are mainly based on precedents or case histories, not statutes.

The Lemon Law in Florida Stating the Law as it Affects Consumers - The Florida Legislature in 1988 revised a law that makes car manufacturers responsible for replacing defective vehicles or refunding consumers' money if the vehicle applies to certain conditions set forth by the Legislature.

Is Chapter Still Available To a Debtor - Article describes the availability of Chapter 7 after the bankruptcy reform of October, 2005.

Legal Analysis Civil Law is Easier than Common Law - There are two legal traditions that work as foundations to all-out administration of any country in the world; these legal traditions are; civil law and common law traditions.

Criminal Defense Why Not Testify In Your Own Defense - In every criminal trial, the defendant faces a critical strategic decision: to testify or not to testify.

The Role of Cambodian Law My Perspectives - "Was Cambodia able to build the world's largest religious temple, if that era was today".

How To Sell A Structured Settlement - There are many different reasons why people would want to sell a structured settlement.

Free Trademark Search Is it Possible to Search my Trademark for Free - Yes and no is really the only way to answer this question.

Franchise Agreements and Initial Training Associated Costs - In modern-day franchising most all franchisors do not pay for the costs for the franchisee to get to the franchisors training facility.

Good Reasons To Have An Attorney Before You Sign And Submit A Purchase Offer - Every home buyer needs an attorney BEFORE they write any offers on property.

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